BULLYING and territorial behaviour

Toronto Canada Amateur Ham Radio Operators - disgraceful bullying and territorial behavior


The incompetence of the clubs current leadership to stop the trash on the TFMCS repeaters


The Toronto FM Communications Society (TFMCS) operates a system of linked amateur radio repeaters in the Greater Toronto Area of southern Ontario.

Board of Directors 2016-2017:
  • VE3HJL Henry Blais - Acting President 
  • VE3KU Paul Briscoe - Technical Director
  • VE3KWI Anne Jones - Membership
  • VE3BGD Malcolm Kendall - Treasurer
  • VE3SST Neil Macklem
  • VE3ZXC Ray Chow - Secretary
You may email any of the directors using the address callsign at tfmcs.org

DISGRACE HAM CLUB - Toronto FM Communications Society
DISGRACE HAM CLUB - Toronto FM Communications Society

VE3TFMUxbridge29.620 MHz29.520 MHznone
VE3SIXUxbridge53.030 MHz52.030 MHz103.5
VE3TWRToronto145.410 MHz144.810 MHz103.5
VE3RPTUxbridge147.060 MHz147.660 MHz103.5
VE3BEGUxbridge224.860 MHz223.260 MHz103.5
VE3RPT (hub)Uxbridge442.100 MHz447.100 MHz103.5
VE3RPTB D-STARUxbridge443.225 MHz448.225 MHznone
VE3RPTC D-STARUxbridge145.250 Mhz144.650 MHznone
VE3TWRToronto444.400 MHz449.400 MHz103.5
VE3DHLUxbridge1286.00 MHz1274.00 MHz103.5
  • The Toronto location is atop the CN Tower
  • Our Uxbridge tower is located at the top of the Skyloft Ski Resort
  • Linking is possible with all repeaters, however membership is required.
  • Our 224.860 repeater has been renamed to VE3BEG in memory of Lyman Gifford (SK) a TFMCS past president.
  • Our 1286.000 repeater has been renamed to VE3DHL in memory of Keith Bentley (SK).